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About me:

I am a cubicle monkey, trying to escape the cubicle one book at a time. I love writing in all genres, SciFi, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Thrillers, to name a few.

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Zombies Got Your Girlfriend (I Hate Zombies #3)


Achtung! Nazi Zombies (I Hate Zombies #2)


I Hate Zombies (Horror / Humor)


All Aboard, the Zombie Express (Horror Thriller) FBSAll_Aboard_the_Zombie_Express

Watcher’s Day Out (Thriller):

FBSWatchers_Day_Out small

The Professor Cookie Series (Science Fiction):

The_Shatterer_of_Worlds small


Dreams_of_a_Nobody small
Non Fiction (Career advice)

hamster-small-200x300Shorter Works (Humor):
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Novels: Satire / Humor
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