The Real Reason the Death Star Blew Up (the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know This!)

Vader was deep in meditation, meditating on juicy watermelons, when his buzzer rang.

It rang with the song of Justin Beiber.

Is it too late to say I’m sorry? Because, I love more than just your body.

Vader groaned inside. Only one man had the courage to change his ringtone like that. He switched on the Holocron circuit.

“Yes, my lord,” he said.

“Hey Vader my mater, wassup?” said the Emperor Palpatine. “It’s me”.

Of course it’s you, your idiotic ring tone told me thought Vader, but did not say it out loud.

“It goes well, my lord.”

“Good. Killed enough people today?Keep reading.........

Free Story: This Sadness Makes Me Happy

In a future where sadness has been outlawed by chemical means, a man struggles to live an empty life.

 This science fiction story asks the question: Does sadness provide meaning to our lives?

It is part of the Tales of Hope, Tales of Despair collection, available on all major retailers.

This Sadness Makes Me Happy

As Dr Mark Tate opened the door to his brand new, all-digital and improved Happiness Approved (TM) house, the first thing he was hit with was the disgusting smell.

His wife hadn’t taken out the garbage again.

The house was ultra modern, with every imaginable comfort.… Keep reading.........

My Nightmare Experience with Fiverr Customer Care

I have been using Fiverr for a few years now, mainly to get covers for my books. And each time I’m there, I spend more than $5. Most of my covers cost $40-50, and if I hate one, I have to redo it. I did a quick calculation, and I’ve spent a few hundred dollars there in the last few months. Keep this in mind when you read on.

And even though I spend time there, I hate the website. Their user interface looks like it was drawn by a five year old with a crayon.

Pictured: The Fiver UX design team

Finding anything is a pain.… Keep reading.........

So you want to write a book? Here are the tools you need

The problem: The biggest problem to writing a book is sitting on your ass and typing. I can’t help you with that. But I can help you with the 2nd biggest problem, which is, the nuts and bolts of how you write a book. Many people get hung up here, and stuck in an analysis paralysis, get nowhere.

In this blog, we’ll look at all the tools you need to write and sell your book, like:

  • Writing software
  • Software to create PDF / Kindle / Print books
  • Editing and Cover Design
  • Where to sell your book
  • A few marketing tools
  • Both Fiction and non-fiction books

Let’s get started.… Keep reading.........

3 Reasons I’m Sick of Pokemon Go

Like everyone else in the civilised world, I too downloaded Pokemon Go. At first, it was fun. I was catching Pokemon daily, watching my levels go up. I actually started walking. Hurray! Some excercise. Can I cancel my gym membership now?

Then, the love affair started to end, when the Pokemon followed me into the toilet.

poke ratDammnit, can’t a man take a shit in peace?

Here are 3 reasons I am sick of Pokemon Go:


3. It’s a lot of dreary boring repetitive shit

90% of the Pokemon you catch will be rats or wild birds, making you wonder if you are playing a game or capturing vermin.… Keep reading.........