Don’t Follow Your Passion, It’s Probably Stupid Anyway

The cliched new agey advice to anyone who hates their job (everyone on Earth?) is: Follow Your Passion!

The reasoning being, you can do what you love, and still make money. Everyone wins! High Fives all around!


What if your passion is eating chips and chocolate till you explode? Or collecting toy trains? Or bird watching? How the hell do you make money off that?

If you aren’t passionate, don’t do it! is the advice handed out to new graduates / school leavers. Usually people in their twenties, who don’t have a family, mortgage, or life experience to understand why that’s stupid advice.… Keep reading.........

What You Think is Talent is Actually a Lot of Hard Work

S/He’s so talented!

It’s a God given gift- you either have it, or you don’t.

Every creative person will hear this at least once: I wish I could do X, but I have no talent.

Talent is one of those bullshit myths fed to our children daily, mainly as a way to keep them down. “You can’t do this. You have no talent!”

What most people don’t know is, the talent myth has been busted many times. See the excellent book, Talent is Overrated by Geoff Calvin, for example. Geoff shows, using experiments on children (specifically children studying music), that the difference between those who became super successful (like playing at major concerts) and those who never found a career in music was simple: The successful children put in, on average, 10-20, sometimes even 30 hours a week, of extra practice, on top of their school training.… Keep reading.........

Everyone Has Self Doubts, You Just Need to Work Through It

Every time you start something new, or you want to step out of your comfort zone, you will feel self doubts.

What if THEY don’t like it?

What if THEY laugh at me?

What if THEY think I’m stupid?

There is an invisible THEY we are so scared of.

You know what? Everyone has fears, self doubts, crippling anxiety. Even those people you see on TV, who look so confident and suave. Don’t believe me? Just look at how many celebrities commit suicide or are on drugs.

I was watching a documentary some time ago. A training sergeant showed a video of two soldiers in the battle zone.… Keep reading.........

Why You Need to Have a Fuck This Moment Before You Can Change

Many people want to change, find a better job, start a business, start something creative like writing or music. But they always get stuck and give up.

Nothing ever changes, no matter how hard they try. There are many reasons.

Either they “dont have time.” (Bullshit ).

Or they choose something that sounds sexy, but is impossible in practice (I will lose 10kg in 1 month! I will become a bestselling writer in one year! I will act in a major Hollywood movie within 3 years!)

But the biggest reason is they haven’t had their Fuck This Moment.

I first heard about the Fuck This Moment from Amy Hoy.… Keep reading.........

Wanted: Writers with Backbone

This may be true of all creative arts, but I’m a writer, so I’m going to talk about writers.

You know what we need more of? Writers with backbone.

Currently, writers are the most spineless, fearful creatures I know. They can’t write a word without taking permission from:

  • Their critique group, full of unpublished writers who give them useless advice
  • The advice of agents, who have written nothing more than a poem when they were five years old, and yet think of themselves qualified to give writing advice.
  • Editors in their twenties who have a fancy English degree that taught them how to critique, which in their own eyes, makes them experts in writing.
Keep reading.........

If You Say You Don’t Have Time, You Are a Goddamn Liar, and I Can Prove it in 10 Seconds

I want to be a writer / singer / play instrument, but I don’t have time.

I want to start my own business, but don’t have time.

I want to do X, but don’t have time.

The hell you do. I’ll prove it in 10 seconds. Ready?

How much time did you spend watching TV / browsing Facebook (or other time wasting sites) yesterday? Multiply that by 7. That’s how many hours you wasted in just last week.

Most people spend 4-5, even 8-10 hours on the TV / useless websites, per day. And then they say they don’t have time.… Keep reading.........