Tom and Jerry arrested for terrorism

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This morning, the two famous cartoon characters, Tom & Jerry, were arrested by more than a dozen armed police for terrorism related charges. The day had started pretty normally for the two. Tom caught Jerry trying to steal some cheese

So he decided to stop Jerry the only way he knew- by blowing up his mouse hole.

What happened next is not clear, but it seemed one of the neighbours called the police, who stormed into the house. Tom and Jerry were both tear gassed, and placed in handcuffs. Both are going to be charged with terrorism, attempting to pervert the course of justice, resisting arrest, and using the same bad jokes for more than 72 years.

I’m not laughing

When some people complained it was just harmless fun, the director of Homeland security, had this to say:

“Well, I’m not laughing. Do you see me laughing? We take national security very seriously. Besides, those of us in the security business have to undergo surgery to remove our funny bones.”

Fake plot to get funding

Lawyers for Tom and Jerry say their clients are victims of police harassment. The Civil Liberties Union agrees. “FBI agents were seen in the area, giving bombs to Tom. According to their original plan, he was supposed to blow up a government building, and they would then arrest him. But Tom decided to use the explosives on Jerry instead.”

FBI denies this. “We would never make up a fake terrorist plot just to get attention and extra funding.”

Meanwhile, activists say that Tom’s mental health is deteriorating. “Tom has been depressed for a long time, ever since he was dumped  by his girlfriend. He was an easy target for manipulation by the FBI.”

Jerry has also suffered from kleptomania for a long time, often stealing and hoarding things he does not need. His lawyer says that the security services are going after these two, as due to their mental problems, they were seen as easy targets.

Their fans and family have vowed to fight on. “We will never rest until the two get justice.”

Do you think Tom and Jerry are victims of police brutality? Or are they public nuisances, who should have been locked up a long time ago? Please share your views!

4 thoughts on “Tom and Jerry arrested for terrorism”

  1. Not Tom and Jerry! We will fight this all the way. I’m talking rallies, protests, sit-ins, and hey, it’ll give the Occupy Wall Street crowd something to do since their movement flopped. Fight on!

    1. It’ll be a tough fight, as our legal system is not very kind to cartoon characters. But someone has to take a stand!

      So please go ahead, I will be hiding right behind you……… 😉

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